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[2016 F/W HOT TREND] How to Present Clear, Glowing Skin Like That of Hyomin, Son Na Eun, and Sunmi

[by Song Eunji] Seoul Fashion Week held at the end of October 2016 was a forum for examining the styles which are estimated to be in fashion in the S/S season in 2017 and those styles currently loved much.

Especially, stars who came to Seoul Fashion Week showed similar makeup. As time passes by, stars’ beauty styles reduce artificial feeling and focus on natural-looking charm. In particular, stars made efforts for transparent, bright skin expression.

If you want to have transparent, glowing skin like that of stars, make more efforts for better makeup and skin care. Here’s various ways for getting glowing skin.

How to Get Glowing Skin 01 Makeup

In South Korea, ‘transparent makeup,’ which is upgraded from the natural makeup is the major trend among the general public as well as those stars who attended Seoul Fashion Week. The key is to cover your flaws but make your skin’s own clear texture with the least makeup.  

TIP. Put Makeup Like Fashion in South Korea

After finishing your skin care with a moisture cream, use a CC cream, which is made by adding base makeup effects to skin care effects. It is able to naturally correct your skin tone and cover and moisturize your skin. If you have many blemishes on your skin, it is a good way to partially use a concealer. In order to keep gentle gloss, you had better use a cream-type or liquid-type concealer.

How to Get Glowing Skin 02 Skincare

Since the makeup is thinner, the basic skin care is becoming more important. If you want to present ’water-glossy’ skin, thoroughly wash your face after you come back home from outside, and supply enough nutrition to your skin with a moisture cream. You can build a firm moisture film on your skin just by using a moisture cream also before makeup.

TIP. How to Pick Good Moisture Cream for Glowing Skin

The best moisture cream is not something expensive or famous but ‘a moisture cream that you’re your skin type.’ If you don’t know your skin type and have worries over choosing a right product, select a moisture made from ingredients that are similar to sebum substances such as lanolin (sheep oil) and give no irritation to your skin.

‘It’ Item for Transparent, Glowing Skin?

What the beauty editor recommends is KICHO, a naturalistic skin care brand. KICHO has its stores in seven stores of The Whole Foods Market, which is a large organic supermarket chain in the U.S. famous as a hot place visited by Hollywood actors and actresses. In addition, the brand has its stores in Macy’s, a famous department store in the U.S. KICHO has opened its store in Macy’s located in Santa Anita in Arcadia in the U.S., and plans to open its store also in Macy’s in Flushing in New York City. The brand has been introduced in T Magazine published by The New York Times, and even Aimee Song, a global fashion blogger, said she uses KICHO products often on her SNS, making a big topic.

01 KICHO Complete Correction Cream A low-irritation CC cream with effects for reducing wrinkles, brightening your skin, blocking UV rays (SPF30/PA++), and Improving your complexion. It is able to present convenient, natural-looking base makeup.

02 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser A natural foam cleanser containing natural vegetable surfactant and natural mineral substances extracted from deep sea near Ulleungdo Island. It is able to remove wastes.

03 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM & 8 BERRY A moisture cream containing lanolin substances extracted from young wool from New Zealand, which is a clean region, and eight berry substances. It is excellent for complex skin care including brightening and moisturizing your skin and preventing your skin from oxidizing. (photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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